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Welcome to Daniel's Total Car Care!
Daniel's Total Car Care is your dealership alternative. We have all the experience at half the labor rate. Factory trained ASE Master technicians in Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Infinity, Nissan, Chevy, Ford and Dodge.

We offer the same services as the dealerships at a fraction of the cost. We are Master Techs/ASE certified. We are also a Certified Napa Auto Repair Center. We offer a 12,000 mile or 1 year warranty on all our parts and services backed by our nationwide "peace of mind warranty."

We have towing service available for your convenience and are open Monday - Saturday and accept major credit cards. We are family owned and operated.

Give us a call today and let us show you why we are the only auto repair shop you'll ever need. We are located at 77th Ave and Indian School Road in Phoenix. We look forward to hearing from you!

Effective Auto Repair Can Reduce Future Costs

A common pitfall that lots of shop owners make when searching for direct-mail campaigns is counting the amount of coupons collected, Sands said.  A small level of corrosion close to the center in the brake rotor results in a more significant difference at the edge of that brake rotor because this is in which the brake pad clamps down.  They will arrive promptly your location in mobile vans, designed with all the appropriate tools with the trade for sophisticated high tech lock systems.  Depending about how severe the car is driven, brushes could last for as long as 150,000 to 200,000 miles.  If there's enough space, you can line both sides with the garage with shelves that will hold things securely. 

'People are emotionally attached for their cars,' Ellert says.  Contact an autoglass website and easily get hold with the most professional mechanics all-around you.  truck towing service wi, emergency truck repair janesville wi, 24 hour emergency road repair tomah wi, truck towing janesville wi, truck towing service janesville.  This procedure enhances clean electrical switching and reduces electrical arcing from commutator bar for the next bar.  Hand tools are the crucial part of the auto mechanic shop. 

With the engine cold, open the hood, locate the battery and get rid of the black or negative battery cable in the negative battery post.  The armature windings tend to be heavy gage, enameled single strand copper wires, similar to house wiring.  When it comes for the manufacturer, they are capable of resell a motor vehicle and receive maximized revenue from vehicles they may have already sold.  The battery provides exciter electrical energy on the alternator during engine startup.  The armature is either press fit unto the shaft or keyed on the shaft in order to avoid spinning on the shaft. 

John 3:16
Brake Service Special
Includes: Premium brake pads or shoes, service calipers and resurface rotors or drums
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